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The Art of

a non-profit organization


About Us

 This non-profit organization will help individuals with mental health disorders, depression, and learning disabilities with the use of art therapy.

   Our organization serves people that went through a difficult time in their life, releasing past traumas, and overcoming mental obstacles they are facing that hinders their ability to learn. Art therapy will help those to release stress, pain, and anxiety helping them express their state of being and mind. The use of art therapy can lead to the result of helping an individual's social skills and improving his/her self-esteem. It will expand people's creativity and better their learning skills. This allows people to make better personal choices, resolve conflicts, and an increase in self-trust. It will help mainly adults at the ages of 18 or older.



Albina Zorina

    Albina Zorina is an art therapist with both backgrounds, Artistic and medical.
   Coming from a family of doctors, she is highly respected and recognized as an artist in Boca Raton Florida. She is active licensed beauty coach, aesthetician and an Artist.
   Graduated from Art Institute and London college of Fashion. Extended professional experience added with the solid educational background have raised Albina Zorina as the unique and bright artist. Her every masterpiece on canvasses drag attention by the enchanting character of colours depth and idea. She published “The Art of Empowerment” book in 2019 where she described self made people with interesting stories and they success. Nowadays, Albina wants to share her experience and her knowledge through Art therapy courses where everyone can create  their own masterpiece and release their stresses and fix mental issues. Her strength and her power will definitely help many people and she is here to serve humanity and encourage!

Mario Alvarez-Romero

     High energy,versatile, senior tax professional with entrepreneurial mind set. Well respected strong leader and mentor, skilled at developing staff and creating a team atmosphere. Excellent communication and intrapersonal skills up across all organization levels.





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